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Question: What happened to the people that tried to harm Daniel?
Answer: They were thrown into the lions' den.

Daniel 6:24

Question: Why was Daniel thrown into the lions' den?
Answer: He kept worshiping God after during the 30 days it was not lawful.

Daniel 6:1-28

Question: What was the name of the king who ordered him in the lions' den?
Answer: Darius

Daniel 6:1-28

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Question: At what gate of the temple did Peter heal the lame man?
Answer: Beautiful Gate

Acts 3:1-10

Question: What did Elisha throw into the Jordan in order to make an axe head float?
Answer: Stick

2 Kings 6:4-7

Question: What appeared just before Elijah was taken up into heaven?
Answer: A Chariot of Fire

2 Kings 2:11

Question: What did the dove return with in its mouth after Noah released it?
Answer: Olive Leaf

Genesis 8:11

Question: Who is the longest-lived person in the Bible?
Answer: Methuselah

Genesis 5:27

Question: How many people were on the ark during the flood?
Answer: 8

Genesis 7:13

Question: What was the sign that God made with Noah that he would never flood the Earth again?
Answer: Rainbow

Genesis 9:12-13

Question: During the Great Flood, what long did it continuously rain?
Answer: 40 Days

Genesis 7:17

Question: What did Moses' staff turn into when he threw it to the ground?
Answer: Snake

Exodus 4:1-4

Question: Who found Moses as a baby and raised him as her own?
Answer: Pharaoh's daughter

Exodus 2:5-10

Question: What did the serpent tell Eve so she would eat the forbidden fruit?
Answer: She would surely not die

Genesis 3:4

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