Question: Which Book is NOT one of the first four in the New Testament?
Answer: Acts

Mathew 1:1 - John 21:25

Question: What was the name of the disciple that betrayed Jesus?
Answer: Judas Iscariot

Matthew 26:14-16

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Question: What book of the Bible is the story about the fiery furnace in?
Answer: Daniel

Daniel 3:1-30

Question: How many people did King Nebuchadnezzar see walking around in the furnace?
Answer: 4

Daniel 3:25

Question: Because the furnace was so hot, what happened to the guards?
Answer: The flame of the fire killed them

Daniel 3:22

Question: Who was not one the the men thrown into the fiery furnace?
Answer: Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 3:1-30

Question: What did Darius write to all the people of the earth after Daniel was rescued by God?
Answer: People are to tremble and fear the God of Daniel.

Daniel 6:26

Question: What happened to the people that tried to harm Daniel?
Answer: They were thrown into the lions' den.

Daniel 6:24

Question: Why was Daniel thrown into the lions' den?
Answer: He kept worshiping God after during the 30 days it was not lawful.

Daniel 6:1-28

Question: What was the name of the king who ordered him in the lions' den?
Answer: Darius

Daniel 6:1-28

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