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A great way to learn more about Proxmox VE! This is an outstanding product. Enterprise-ready solution to virtualize your servers on-premises!

I'm a HUGE fan of Proxmox. I'm running two VE nodes with Ceph as my storage and recently setup a Proxmox Backup Server. It is still in beta, but this cuts down so much time for my backups and seems very solid so far!

Time to get my Mastodon server fully functional again!

Question: What was the name of the king who ordered him in the lions' den?
Answer: Darius

Daniel 6:1-28

Question: Peter healed a man named Aeneas in Lydda. What was his illness?
Answer: Palsy

Acts 9:32-34

Question: What did Paul say should not exist among the brethren?
Answer: Divisions

1 Corinthians 1:10

Question: What book in the Bible tells about the lions' den?
Answer: Daniel

Daniel 6:1-28

Question: What was the name of the person thrown in the lions' den?
Answer: Daniel

Daniel 6:1-28

Question: At what gate of the temple did Peter heal the lame man?
Answer: Beautiful Gate

Acts 3:1-10

Question: What did Elisha throw into the Jordan in order to make an axe head float?
Answer: Stick

2 Kings 6:4-7

Question: What appeared just before Elijah was taken up into heaven?
Answer: A Chariot of Fire

2 Kings 2:11

Question: What did Elijah part the waters of the Jordan with?
Answer: Mantle

2 Kings 2:8

Question: Jesus said there are many ________ in his Father's house?
Answer: Mansions

John 14:2

Neither of my children killed each other during dinner, so that’s good news for the day, I suppose.

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